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Conscious Vibrations Collective

Works of Art Inspired by Inclusion and Human Resilience

Our mission is to connect people through art by providing exhibitions and art experiences that entice their senses and awaken their curiosity.

Crystal Salt

Our Story

Conscious Vibrations Collective was formed in 2022 by artists Laura Atria and Carolina Garcia a.k.a Apia Art. They are both strong women that have tested their resilience in life and use art for its healing power. They met at a Grantee ceremony in 2021. Atria and Apia have been recipients of multiple grants and their dedication to the development of the Arts is undeniable. They move in the same vibrations, highly energetic and at a pace that is compatible. They quickly learned that working together was something that was going to erupt in synergy magic.

Meet The Team

02 Apia Art - Love - Acrylic on canvas - 30x40x1_edited.jpg

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Laura Atria. Shadowboxer. Oil, molding paste, charcoal on canvas 36x36. 2022.jpg
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