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Exaggerations of History

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

I am creating 100 miniature portrait paintings of female artists from the 12 to the 20th century. And with the help of Augmented Reality (AR) I will share their life story and, when available, samples of their work. The idea is to share their lives and to illustrate that there were very important female figures since forever.

The title carries a lot of meaning. I believe it was an exaggeration throughout history that created this vacuum of knowledge. The artists I am showcasing were important during their time and yet, they were not included in the books. This huge oversight has created a false common knowledge, where most people believe that women were not participating in the arts until, someone could say, recently. I am of the firm belief that this situation was derived from human limitations.

The reason why I chose miniatures as the medium has to do with reclaiming a form of art that women used because it was not disrupting the norm. And it's delicate and it's beautiful.

This concept also brings a physical action to the interaction with the paintings, as the viewer will have to approach it and make the extra effort, almost the movement of reverence when in their presence. This creates an atmosphere that attempts to give back to these amazing women, the respect they had in their time. To add human limitations to the concept, I am creating them without the aid of a magnifier.

Here you can read a little bit about the artist that inspired me to create this entire project.

Sofonisba Anguissola( b.1532, Italy) was an exquisite Renaissance painter and I wanted to honor her by painting her portrait. Which I also based on her own self-portrait.

She was one of the first known female artists and one of the first women artists to establish an international reputation. She received direct encouragement from Michelangelo, who recognized her talent at the beginning of her career.

Her work, like that of many early female painters, was often attributed to male painters of the period, in her case, the phenomenon included the likes of Leonardo da Vinci himself. That just to highlight the level of her mastery.

Just to mention a bit about her life, she married twice and lived until she was 93!

Have you heard about her before?

Given that this was done without a magnifier, her eyes and hands were particularly challenging, but I ended up being really happy about them.

Here you can see a very enlarged version of the Miniature that inspired this entire project.

Sofonisba Anguissola

Gouache on paper

2.7x2.3cm - 1.1x0.9in

Click on the image to see the making off and hear a little bit about how this project came to be or for a more fun experience download Interapp from your app store (search by AR Interapp and play the video just by pointing to this image)

This project is being made possible thanks to the support of the Broward Cultural Division and The Community Foundation of Broward.

This exhibit is scheduled for March 2023 at the Coral Springs Museum of Art

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