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Exaggerations of History

101 bare-eye miniature portrait paintings of female artists from the 12th to the 20th century + AR


Why miniatures?

The choice of miniature art pays homage to a genre historically dominated by women.

Why so small?

The diminutive size, smaller than traditional miniatures, was intentionally chosen to add a physical component for viewers. To fully appreciate the works, viewers must draw closer and lean in, effectively offering a reverential nod to each artist.

Why no magnifying glass?

Omitting a magnifying tool was a deliberate choice to emphasize our human limitations, which Apia believes contributed to the historical oversight. The exclusion from textbooks is a reflection of our own shortcomings.

Why Augmented Reality (AR)?

The AR element was crucial for the artist, embodying the concept of inclusion. With this series, Apia sought to reintroduce these female artists into contemporary discourse. It was imperative to present their lives and works in an engaging and inviting manner to a broad audience.‍

Snipet of the Miniature portrait of Sofonisba Anguisola by artist Apia Art.jpg
Exaggerations of History - 100 miniature portraits.png

1907 Frida Kahlo - My only guest on this project

1744 Anne Vallayer Coster - For size reference

Apia conducted a quick survey among people not related to art, and many couldn’t name any women; those who did mainly mentioned Frida, which, unfortunately, was not surprising. Apia's surprise was greater when she conducted the same survey among men in the arts painters, architects, sculptors and, again, they consistently could name only Frida. Some added another name, but it was never the same among them. And this is why Frida became a guest. I couldn’t leave her behind when putting together all these amazing women, yet she has not been forgotten.

Below one of the AR accessible video as example of the information you can find for each of the artists in the series.

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