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Hi and Hello World

A world centered on inclusion and what is needed to achieve it as an all-encompassing occurrence. 

I created the Hi and Hello World over a decade ago. Sometimes I even say "It came to me as a gift". I needed refuge for myself and my family and I found it.
I wanted to be in a place that would free us from all the restrictions, rejections, and limitations placed in society on individuals with disabilities and their families. I wanted to be protected by a kinder and more inclusive world. And only by closing my eyes, I got to be there. I invited those around me to step inside, and they all shared in the healing of this place.
I the Hi and Hello World, everyone is welcome and understood. The main reason for adding the signs to the characters was to have a way to convey messages visually too. Not only in written form but in any way the receptor would best understand them. I wanted to make sure that everyone would be able to understand and be understood. Everyone who visits gets the ability to have these autogenerated signs. They are available and accessible for everyone to use.
I wanted to make tangible the welcoming attribute of the Hi and Hello World I thought it was fitting to have the greetings in different languages as names in a world that it's so welcoming. 

Hi & Hello World

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