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Inclusion is my driving force, rooted deeply in personal experience and philosophical exploration. Inspired profoundly by my son, who navigates life with autism, I discovered art as a powerful means of communication and connection. It became my language of resilience and understanding.

My path as an artist evolved through phases of introspection and discovery. From "Finding Light," a series born out of my personal quest for lasting happiness, to "Harvesting Light," where colors manifested as symbols of inner joy and strength, my art became a dialogue on self-acceptance and societal inclusion.

Through projects like "Exaggerations of History" and "Hi and Hello World," I invite viewers to embrace diversity and celebrate often-overlooked voices. Each artwork, whether a miniature portrait or a vibrant installation, serves as a portal for reflection and dialogue on our shared humanity.

As I delve into themes of self-discovery and acceptance, my art becomes a catalyst for introspection and societal change. It challenges us to embrace our flaws, understand our worth, and cultivate empathy—a journey that begins with self-love and extends to fostering inclusive communities.

In a world where immediacy often eclipses reflection, I advocate for mindful engagement and personal transformation. Each creation is an invitation to pause, contemplate, and envision a future where inclusivity and empathy shape our collective narrative.

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Apia (Carolina V. Garcia / b.1977, Chile) is a Conceptual Multidisciplinary artist based in South Florida. With a background in Engineering, Garcia seamlessly navigates diverse mediums and scales, from intricate miniature paintings to expansive 3D installations and vibrant murals. Her artistic journey defies boundaries, driven by a passionate advocacy for inclusion, mirroring the diversity she envisions for the world. Notable solo exhibitions include "Exaggerations of History" at the Museum of Contemporary Art for the Americas (March - May 2024) and the Coral Springs Museum of Art (February - April 2023), alongside "Hi and Hello World Installation and Art Exhibit" at the Coral Springs Museum of Art (February - April 2023). Garcia's work also graces selected exhibits such as "WATTA Site-specific Installation for Healing Goddess II" (March 2024) and "Women Through the Ages" at the Instituto Cultural de Mexico en Miami (March - May 2024). Recognized for her contributions, Apia received the Artist Innovation Grant (March 2022) and an Artist Support Grant (August 2022) from the Broward Cultural Division. Her art resides in the esteemed collection of the Museum of Contemporary Arts foof the Americas, as well as in private collections across the US, Chile, and France.


Upcoming Exhibits


  • March – Coral Springs Museum of Art



  • September -Art on Paper – NYC

  • September – Los Colores de Miami - MIFA and Mexican Consulate

  • October – Galerie Artes – France

  • December – Aqua - Miami


Past Exhibits



  • February Enamorarte – Group Exhibit – Hernan Gamboa Gallery

  • March - Broward Cultural Division: Artist Innovation Grant Recipient

  • March – W.O.M.A.N. Little Haiti Cultural Center

  • March – Art Demo for the Weston Art Guild

  • April – FiArte – Spain

  • May – Pop up at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport

  • May - July - The Frank Ortiz Gallery – Candyland

  • June – Aragon International Fair

  • June - Castello de Populonia – Italy

  • August  - Broward Cultural Division: Artist Support Grant Recipient

  • August - Co-Founder - Conscious Collective Vibrations



  • February – France: Harvesting Light - Group exhibit – Gallerie Artes

  • May – Madrid - Drawing Room

  • May - Studio 18 – Collective exhibit

  • September -  Got Culture Pop-up Exhibit - September

  • October – November - Hi and Hello World Installation

  • November - Miami Hispanic Cultural Arts Center - Hi and Hello mini

  • December - Small works and Miniatures – 17 works on display at Broward Art Guild

  • Group and individual art classes – To date

    • Watercolor

    • Mix media



  • January - Art Palm Beach

  • June - Envisions Magazine: Aqua - Best in Show

  • July - Studio 18: Tell me a Story /collective show

  • July - August - Curator’s Voice: The art of Isolation

  • August-Sept Art Museum of South Texas - Distance creativity

  • August-Sept - Contemporary Gallery: 2020 ALL Water/Seascape

  • August-Sept - Summer Exhibizone Canada 

  • October - Italy - Group Show Venezia 2020: Scuola Grande di San Teodoro,

  • October-December - Curator’s Voice-Collective Show: Survey II

  • November - MUNAT Museum November 2020



·         Miami Art Scene Magazine: The soulful work of Apia Art​


·         Voyage MIA: Meet Apia Art​


·         Payne Points Podcast: Episode 114 Apia Art 



· En cada tela estoy dejando un pedacito de mi alma

o    ​

·         Entrevista Edgardo Rubio via Instagram live


·         Conversatorio de Arte con Mercedes Prieto- PANGEA FM



·         2019 Developed Lettering to the Soul Workshop, directed to help Parents and Caregivers of children with disabilities.

·         2019 Investigation of the works and life of Hilma Af Klint as collaboration for a short documentary.

·         2018 Developed Patience through Origami Workshop, directed to help Parents and Caregivers of children with disabilities.

·         2017 Pop up Gallery Installation Bourges, France

·         2016 Various collaborations with photographers via Instagram for the creation of Art Series inspired by pictures taken by others.

·         2015 Pop Up Gallery Installation - Santiago - Chile

·         2013 Butterflies of Spring Installation at the Mailman Center for child development - Broward County - USA

·         2012 Tree of Life installation at the Mailman Center for Child Development - Broward County - USA

·         2005 Love for Orient - Private Art Installation - Chile

·         2004 Be a kid - Private Art Installation - Chile

·         2003 Fairy Garden - Private Art Installation - Chile

·         1994 Mural at Colegio de la Salle - Chile


2007-2011 Business Operations Specialist

ACS Infrastructure Development, Inc, USA

  • Coordinate bid proposals presented to government agencies for Public-Private Partnership (P3) projects.

  • Oversee the different stages of P3 proposals: Prequalification Phase, the Proposal Phase, and, if successful, the Financial Close Phase.

  • Manage highly specialized and sensitive information required for P3 bid submissions by controlling the flow of information to comply with the requirements set by the government agencies, including

  • Coordinating with outside advisors such as legal advisors, tax advisors, financial advisors, etc.

  • In-depth knowledge of the P3 markets in North America and internationally necessary to organize P3 bid proposals


  • Windsor-Essex Parkway, Ontario (Canada). CAD $1.27 billion - AWARDED 

  • South Fraser Perimeter Road, British Columbia (Canada). CAD$774 million - AWARDED 

  • I-595 Broward County, Florida (USA). USD$ 1.7 billion - AWARDED 

  • I-69 TTC Texas (USA). Development of the TransTexas Corridor - AWARDED 

  • Mid Currituck Bridge Project North Carolina (USA). Pre-Development Agreement - AWARDED 

  • Pennsylvania Turnpike, (USA). USD$ 12.8 billion - AWARDED, although the project was later cancelled.



Executive Agent for Bank Club deals, Union Credits and Bonds

BBVA, Chile

  • Manage BBVA-led Bank Club deals where BBVA also acted as Administrative Agent and reorganization of

  • procedures, work systems and data banks. Oversee the development of software for this specialized area.

  • Managed over 20 projects.



Chief Operations and Marketing Officer

Julio Serra y Cia Ltda. Chile

  • Developed and implemented strategic marketing concepts. Supervise 50 employees in the areas of production and sales. Assist in the expansion of the company’s business operations.



Marketing Manager

Julio Serra y Cia Ltda. Chile

  • Developed strategic marketing plan for the board of the company

  • Developed operational marketing strategy to reestablish company value in the market.


2000 – 2001

Marketing Assistant Australian Trade Commission Chile

  • Market Analysis for Australian companies that wanted to do business in Chile

  • Seminar and Show organization

  • Industries:

  • Beverage and Food

  • Mining

  • Transportation


Marketing Training Kommerling USA



Chief of the Marketing Department Kommerling Chile

  • Market Analysis

  • Market Strategies

  • Creation of sales and technical manuals and materials

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