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As I am

Works of Art Inspired by Inclusion and Human Resilience

This series aims to share the vulnerabilities of the artist. It consists of 5 bare-eye miniature paintings (painted without the aid of a magnifier).  They were all done using water-soluble graphite that the artist prepared herself on Cold Press Arches watercolor paper.

Multidisciplinary Artist Apia Art - Standing As I am -from the series As I Am - Liquid graphite on Arches cold press
Artist Apia holding a miniature from the series AS I AM 2022.jpg

To illustrate the size of each of the miniatures, see the picture to the left. The measurements of the miniatures in this series are 3.3x2.5cm - 1.29x0.98in.

Multidisciplinary Artist Apia Art - As I am when insecure - from the series As I AM - Liquid graphite on Arches cold
Multidisciplinary Artist Apia Art - As I am when vanity hits -Liquid graphite on Arches co
Multidisciplinary Artist Apia Art - As I am -Liquid graphite on Arches cold press paper -
Multidisciplinary Artist Apia Art - As I am when i rest -Liquid graphite on Arches cold pr

As an artist, my journey has led me to explore themes of love, acceptance, and the profound significance of embracing oneself as the fundamental stepping stone to inclusion. In this collection, I aim to celebrate the beauty of diversity and the strength of the human spirit through the delicate medium of miniature nude black and white paintings.
The concept of inclusion has always resonated deeply with me. I believe embracing diversity and celebrating our individuality is crucial for creating a harmonious and empathetic society. 
Each painting in this series represents a moment of vulnerability in the journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance.

The choice to work in miniature format was deliberate; it required a profound connection to the subject matter, inviting viewers to lean in and engage with the intimate details that reflect our shared humanity. Water-soluble graphite became my medium of choice for these artworks. By hand-preparing the material, I sought to infuse each stroke with intention and mindfulness. The monochromatic nature of the paintings emphasizes the purity and universality of the human form, transcending any cultural or racial boundaries.
In these pieces, the subjects appear unadorned and exposed, symbolizing the liberation of shedding societal expectations and preconceptions. The absence of color invites the viewer to perceive beyond the surface and uncover the depth of emotions and experiences we all carry within us.
"As I Am" advocates for inclusivity by inviting viewers to see the beauty in vulnerability, embrace their imperfections, and extend the same acceptance to others. I hope that through these paintings, I can foster empathy and understanding, inspiring conversations about the importance of inclusion in our communities and our hearts.
By presenting these intimate portrayals of the human form, I aspire to demonstrate that through acceptance of ourselves, we pave the way for a more compassionate and connected world. I hope "As I Am" will resonate with viewers and ignite a sense of belonging, reminding us all that we are interconnected, unique, and deserving of love, respect, and inclusion.
May this series serve as a gentle reminder that by embracing each other, as we are, we can weave a tapestry of unity that celebrates the rich diversity of the human experience. Together, we can find strength in vulnerability and paint a more inclusive world with strokes of empathy, understanding, and love.

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