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04 Apia Art - In the Garden - Diptych - Acrylic on paper mounted on wood- 24x36x1.5in.jpg

Artworks and Projects

The projects on this page include multiple disciplines and techniques. Apia believes that they need to serve and help convey the message. Her work centers on inclusion, self-discovery, and acceptance. 

Using a single sheet of paper for each of the works, to showcase the plasticity of the human experience. By pseudo-weaving each sheet of paper by folding and unfolding, it shows the complexities of each individual and the intricacies inherent in being human.

100 Bare-eye miniature portrait paintings of female artists from the 12th to the 20th Century. All enhanced with AR to discover more about each of the featured artists. The series encompasses year-long research, biography writing, script development, and video production.

Snipet of the Miniature portrait of Sofonisba Anguisola by artist Apia Art.jpg
Hi and Hello World at the Coral Springs Museum of Art Centering on Hi.jpg

A world centered on inclusion and what is needed to achieve it as an all-encompassing occurrence. All the characters were named after greetings. From left to right: Konichiwa, Hola, Hi, Hello, and Cou-cou.

Finding Light

This series is a journey to finding happiness. After extraneous experiences in the artist's life, Apia questioned if she was ever going to find happiness again. The conclusion from this quest was that happiness is a conscious decision. The harder the days, the more you need to make it. Conscious happiness allows healing. Welcomes tears and cherishes laughter.

07 Apia Art - Caribbean Dream - 20x24x1.5 - 2022.jpg

A series of paintings aiming to showcase that happiness is everywhere. As ripe fruit ready for harvest. A thin veil covering our reality separates us from getting it. Once you know, it's right there for the taking.

This series aims to share the vulnerabilities of the artist. It consists of 5 bare-eye miniature paintings (painted without the aid of a magnifier).  They were all done using water-soluble graphite that the artist prepared herself on Cold Press Arches watercolor paper.

Drawings for my son

A lesser-known project, consisting of a few hundred free-hand sketches drawn at the request of my son. They are our conversations and my door into his world. 

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